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Welcome to Stirling Management Services. We hope you will take a few minutes to browse through our site to to learn about our company and how we may be of service to your organization.

Stirling Management Services (STIRLING) is an independent consulting company specializing in assisting global hedge funds, private equity firms, VCs, investment groups and other funding firms to enhance, diversify and/or recapitalize their portfolio companies. This alleviates a portion of their oversight and assists them in moving forward with investment activities in target entities. STIRLING does this by working closely with the above mentioned firms while leveraging our affiliated partner network (“STIRLING Partners”).

We also work independently with clients to help them strengthen their business models, investment proposals, road show material etc, and help source capital directly from our funding network. This creates a “one-stop” consulting service focussed on assisting micro-cap to mid-cap companies in need of limited financial recapitalization.

Through our Affiliates, STIRLING provides equity, securitized debt, mezzanine and bridge financing to facilitate client growth initiatives. Moreover, STIRLING employs a “hands on” approach in every company that becomes part of our client family. This ensures we identify early “issues of concern” and take remedial action in order to maximize returns for our clients.

By leveraging its affiliates STIRLING taps into an existing pipeline of projects. This also gives STIRLING the ability to provide a very strong team of highly qualified professionals, a significant capital base and access to a variety of funding sources for our clients.

Our revenue model varies depending of the project, however can include an initial setup fee (which may, or may not include equity participation), and a standard consulting fee.

We hope you will find our site informative and look forward to servicing you.

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