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Through a combined resource pool incorporating in-house expertise and resources from our Affiliates, our professionals are able to help companies across several industry sectors. Our core industries are comprised of the following:

1. Technology
2. Media & Entertainment
3. Alternative Energy / Clean Tech
4. Natural Resources / Mining
5. Banking & Bankcard Processing
6. Commodities
7. Real Estate

These industries are each headed up by one professional we refer to as “Subject Matter Experts” (SME). They provide years of expertise in each specific sector. A Subject Matter Expert is an individual who has an in-depth understanding often possessing decades of direct involvement/participation at an executive level within the client's industry. The individual is a seasoned professional, who is at home in the Board Room or participating in a Road Show to help the client secure seed, or expansion capital. The methodology is further supported by the Subject Matter Experts holding positions on Stirling's Advisory Board. This fosters synergy and alignment between the interests of Stirling as well as our Affiliates. In doing this we operate on a unified front, providing an outstanding resource pool to call upon, as and when needed. The result is an immediate, positive experience, between the aspirations of the client an our ability to deliver what is expected of us. Regardless of the industry served, the underlying principles and methodology of our consulting services by which we create value for our clients, remain the same.

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Management believes that this structure creates a highly leveraged, low-cost model and allows us to maximize returns by leveraging relationships and skills within a much larger talent pool.

By leveraging additional resources from our Affiliates, Stirling is able to operate with minimal overhead, while at the same time, capitalizing on highly specialized skill sets retained within our affiliated companies and channel partner domains. This allows us to pass on these savings to our clients, without compromising the services we provide.

The result? A win-win scenario, where we can provide great consulting services and value, for a fraction of what our competitors charge.

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