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We are a “Value Driven” organization. As global markets and industry landscapes change, we consistently focus on Value Creation, via consulting with Venture Capital firms, Private Lenders, Institutional Investors in developed and emerging markets and clients across diverse sectors. Thus STIRLING maintains its reputation in helping companies prosper across international markets and borders. We also assist institutions to recapitalize their portfolio companies with new risk capital, thus allowing them to further supplement their portfolio mix via internationally-based investment firms in North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Our primary target clients span both the small to mid cap tier. This differentiated “cooperative” approach rapidly accelerates the growth of established high potential, under-performing companies that seek funding from traditional Private Equity and Venture Capital funds, however do not immediately meet the investment criteria. Investment transactions are generally structured through equity or debt with equity rights attached to enhance returns.

STIRLING can assist by preparing the necessary documents to increase the client's chances of securing bridge loans and other forms of mezzanine financing, through its network of supporting companies, (operating independently).

STIRLING takes an active role in consulting for the company once an investment decision is made, in both the formation of its business strategy and the succeeding implementation.

We believe that through our consulting services and working closely with our clients, and affiliates we dramatically reduce the risk of milestone deviation. Our goal is to ensure milestones are met on time and within budget.

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